Timberframe Homes

A contemporary spin on a log home. Rustic & sophisticated.

We are builders of timberframe homes. Kidd Bros. timberframe homes offer a rustic and sophisticated twist on a log home. Stunning architecture, open concept rooms and high ceilings create an amazing living space.

Timberframes can be used as base of your homes frame or we can create a timberframe facade that envelopes the exterior and/or the interior of your home with elegant timberframe beams and posts giving the illusion that your home is a timberframe or just enough to add your own unique touch.

Selecting a contractor to build your timberframe home can be a difficult endeavour. We aim to make your selection process simple.

The traditions of quality, craftsmanship and hard work have always held true through our 40 year history and continue today to be the hallmarks of Kidd Bros Construction.

With 40 years’ experience built upon the principles of honesty, integrity and fair prices, you can be confident in selecting Kidd Bros Construction.